We all have different hobbies and they cost different amounts of money. There are some hobbies that are free, but we mainly have to pay for them in some way or another. Some will be quite cheap such as reading or watching television but if we like art and crafts or holidays then we will have to be prepared to pay out quite a bit of money. There are things though, that you might be able to do which will make it easier to afford them.

Sell things you make

If you make things for your hobby then you might be able to sell them and make money. For example, if you paint then you may be able to sell your artwork. You could try selling originals, prints or make them into cards or things like that. If you bake then you could see whether you could sell your cakes in a local shop or at fairs or things like that. Obviously, you will not make things in every hobby and if you are just learning you may not feel confident enough to sell the items that you have made anyway, but it might be more useful for someone who is more experienced. You could though, give the items away as gifts and that would save you the cost of buying someone a gift.

Set up training videos/website

A lot of people like to learn by looking online. There are lots of websites and videos where you can find all sorts of information about different things relating to hobbies as well as other things. It could be possible for you to provide some sort of information about your hobby that people will be interested and you may be able to earn money form that. For example, you might be able to demonstrate certain art techniques, explain rules of the sport you play or do walkthroughs of video games. There will be other people doing a similar thing and so you will need to carefully look at what is there already and find a way to do it so that you are different. You need to stand out from the crowd, do something a bit different or promote yourself differently so that others will be interested in you rather than the other people that are already doing it. If you go down this route, you will need to make your money out of advertising and so you will need to find out what the criteria for this is and how many people you would need to have viewing in order to get a decent revenue. Some people will review things in connection with their hobby and they then find that people start sending them free things to review and they get things for free which can be almost as good as getting paid.

Write about your hobby

Another possibility is to write about your hobby. You could bring out books about it, perhaps instructional or informative so that people who are learning about it or have similar interests will be able to find out more. Again, you will need to look in to what is there already and you will need to decide whether you will self-publish the book or whether you will try to find a publisher. The former is much easier but not having a publisher to promote your book for you can mean that you will have to shoulder the expense of that yourself and if you do not have much experience of it then it can be difficult to know where to start. You could consider writing on a website rather than in a published book and see whether you can make money through advertising on that website.

Alternative methods

You could always find ways to pay for your hobby which are not related to it, such as doing extra work but that will take time away that you might rather be spending on your hobby. If it is something that you do in all of your free time then you will probably be unwilling to give up that time. However, if it is something you do less often, such as going on holidays, then you might be prepared to take on extra work so that you can afford to go on the holidays more often. You could consider whether you could spend less money in other areas so that you can afford to spend more on your hobby. This could be easily achieved by comparing prices and buying cheaper items, but you may have to buy less items if you need to find a significant amount of money. It can be hard to spend less but if you know that it is so that you will be able to spend more money on your hobby then this may motivate you to give up things that you are not so keen on.