A lot of us pay more than we realise for entertainment. If we are struggling for money, then it might be that we are paying more than we realise and there could be ways that we will be able to cut down what we are paying out so that we can have more money available for other things. We might want to be able to repay a loan such as those offered by Cobra, save more money or just struggle less with managing each month and it could be easier than you might think!


There are lots of options for paying for television and films these days it can get rather confusing. As well as a free to view option, which comes through a set top box or satellite which a TV licence is needed for you can also choose from Satellite and cable options which have a fee as well as the need for a television licence. These are all live television options. In addition to this there are companies that release films and/or other series which you pay a monthly subscription for but because they do not broadcast live there is no need for a television licence. These all vary in cost as well and they will have different deals available depending on how many channels you want or things like this. Some people will have a selection of subscriptions and this is where money may be able to be saved. It could be that you have access to more things than you can possibly watch or you may even have subscriptions that you have forgotten about. It can be wise to take a look at what you are actually paying for and think about whether you really need it all. Compare the different services and think about whether you feel that you are getting good value for money, taking into account how much you actually use the service.

Mobile phones

We use our mobile phones for all sorts of things such as listening to music, watching videos, playing games, taking photos, sending texts and sometimes making phone calls! It is therefore not surprising that we like to have the latest phones with all the best functions, camera and speed. It might also be the case that you will want an expensive deal as well so that you get plenty of time free to use the Internet as well as send texts and make calls. It is worth making sure though, that you do have the best deal. There are so many available and if you stay loyal to the same company it is likely that you will be paying more than necessary, so do consider moving around to take advantage of better prices. Also consider whether you can reduce your package a bit or renew your phone less often.


We often pay for music, either a contract to listen to music ad free or to buy music that we can own and listen to as much as we like. Do make sure that when you are considering buying music that it is something that you really will make use of and listen to a lot. It is easy to think that you will like a particular album and then buy it to find that you do not listen to it that much. Therefore, make sure that you listen to it before you buy and that you are really going to get good value for money for any music that you buy or subscribe to.


Many of us like to play computer games or apps and have great fun with them. They can be extremely expensive though and it is worth bearing in mind that there are lots of free games. Try to play as many free games as you can on your phone or computer and this will save you a lot of money. If you have a games console then be careful about which games you are buying for it. You will find that you will buy some games and then realise that they are not as good as you thought and you hardly play them. Therefore, make sure that you read lots of reviews first and even see if any of your friends already have it so that you can try it out before you buy it.

Going out

For many of us entertainment means going out with friends or family to pubs, clubs, restaurants, concerts, plays, cinema or similar. The cost of doing this can really add up. Drinks are always more expensive at these places compared to drinking at home and the same goes for food. You might think that is all part of the experience but if things are getting too costly then it could be wise to consider eating and drinking before you go out. You may also want to consider going out les soften if things are getting costly or perhaps comparing prices of different venues and going to cheaper ones.